Mumford and Sons are coming to Salida

This August, in my hometown, is the Stopover Salida 2015 Tour.  Tickets are on sale now at and at the SteamPlant.  If you have always wanted to see Salida, The SteamPlant and Mumford and Sons…well now’s your chance.  Who knew I would be able to say all three of those in one sentence.  Anyway….check out the link below.

Salida Music Festival
Madison Presents is putting Salida, CO (and the SteamPlant Event Center) on the Music Festival Map with headliners Mumford and Sons and Flaming Lips.

See Salida and it’s residents and play “find the SteamPlant Event Coordinator” at

Mumford and Sons Salida
Check out these cuties! Mumford and Sons in my little hometown Salida.

Madison Presents is bringing quite the line up to my hometown:

Salida, CO @ Vandaveer Ranch off of Hwy 50–August 21st and 22nd.

Today and This Weekend at the SteamPlant

Today’s Bridal Open House–the Un-Bridal Show is unwinding.  We had a great turn out!  And thank you to all of our vendors who mingled with the guests today in the Un-Bridal Show.  This is the first time Heart of the Rockies Wedding Association and its members have tried out the Un-Bridal show–the main idea behind it, it mimicks a usual wedding ceremony.  We had a bride and groom who walked around the event doning Love’s Bridal Boutique’s wedding dress and tuxedo.  Local photographers:  Autumn Twilight, Paper Posey, Yellow Feather and Phreckles Photography were shooting throughout the entire event.  River’s Edge Catering provided skewers of salami, articoke hearts, marainated mozzerella cheese as well as pulled pork sandwiches.  Bash Cocktail Catering was providing free tastings of drinks mixed from local distilleries and Ranch Verde and He Loves me Flowers provided flowers for the guest tables.  We had many other local vendors:  Lorri with Mary Kay, Petal & Flour, Settings Event Rental, Ericka with Ululani Event Design, Devon with Violet’s Chairs, Abi from Hutchinson Ranch and of course Beatrice (and occasonially I poked my head in) from the SteamPlant Event Center.  Here are a few pics from the event.

Wedding Bar Ideas
Bash Cocktail Catering provided our brides and grooms-to-be with a free tasting of local products from Woods Distillery and Deerhammer.
Wedding Music Salida
Enchanted Strings provided the music and the ambiance for the Un-Bridal Show.
Photo Booth Salida
Settings Event Rental provided the photobooth and a array of tables and chairs from their rental fleet.
Jamberry Salida
Cassie is our local rep for Jamberry–they’re easy to apply and last for weeks!
Salida Bridal Show
Phreckles Photography, Cailey McDermott spent her day at the SteamPlant for the Un-Bridal Show. I love this picture of her!

It was a busy day at the SteamPlant Event Center with the Indie Spirit Film Fest featuring 10 independent films in our Theater and Annex with titles: Sitting Bulls Voice, Low & Clear, Agnus Dei, and many more.  The facility was bursting at the seams.

And tomorrow, we will have The Salida Guitar Expo and Evening Performances.  This is a new event for the SteamPlant.  From 12-5pm there will be a free Expo in our Annex Building (Conference Center), bringing your own guitar is encouraged.  Once the Expo has ended there will be live music in our Paquette Gallery, Dave Tipton playing the Chapman Stick, and then in the Theater:

6-7pm – SteamPlant Theater Evolution of the Guitar – An informative discussion with live demonstrations on how the guitar has evolved from classical to electric. Musicians include Ed Lambert, Scott Adams, John Lusk, Bruce Hayes, Harper Powell, Chris Nasca and Jaquie Gipson. 

7:30-8:30pm – SteamPlant Theater Concert with Jaquie Gipson Jaquie plays both 6- and 12-string guitars and is an extraordinary fingerstyle guitarist. Her style incorporates melodic two-hand tapping and percussion techniques into more-or-less traditional fingerstyle playing.

The Salida Guitar Expo is not to be missed and hopefully an annual event

And, if you missed the Un-Bridal Show and would like more info please send me a comment below or feel free to email me:

Hometown Wedding

  Outdoor WeddingHometown WeddingRiver WeddingRiver Wedding

What does it mean to have a hometown wedding? Well for those who choose to wed at the SteamPlant Event Center it means dogs as ring bearers. It means a photo shoot by the kayaks on F Street and another walking through the aspens only a few miles away. It means cars waiting as your wedding party walks down the street. It means taking a break from the high heels and sticking your toes in the river. It means telling everyone you meet it’s your wedding day and people stopping and really listening to what you have to say.

Living in Salida I find it hard to imagine living in Denver or Colorado Springs, let alone any place larger, I love my 5 minute daily commute by bicycle and if I leave 5 minutes earlier I stop by Café Dawn for a little pick-me-up. My office is only a few steps from the Arkansas River and for my lunch break I cross F Street bridge and hike one of the many trails behind S Mountain. It doesn’t get much better than this. My dad tells me how lucky I am every time we talk on the phone and yet I still can’t get him to move here.

Having moved here in my early twenties I wasn’t entangled with the priorities of an urban lifestyle and now having been here for years I couldn’t imagine entangling myself in anything else. Salida is my hometown. And hometown to me means waving to multiple people from my bicycle on my way to work. It means stopping to chat at the stop sign with a friend. It means making eye contact with everyone and every day making new friends. It means going to a friends art reception and seeing another friend perform live music. I know my hometown is in a beautiful location, and it is the location which brought me here, but really it is the people that keep me here.

I want to share this with you. I want your wedding party to sit on the rocks of the river, as the evening progresses, and have a quiet conversation away from the live music and clanking glasses of the Ballroom.  I want you to walk home after your wedding to the Palace or one of Pinon’s Vacation rentals only a block away. I want you to experience my hometown on your special day.

Join Us on Saturday February 28th

Colorado Bridal Show

Join us on Saturday February 28th at the SteamPlant for our Un-Bridal Show. We want you to feel what it’s like to be at the reception, to see the photographer taking photos, to witness a bride and groom cutting the cake and to hear the wedding play list. We’ll even have a little treat from the fellows, a cigar and whiskey bar on the Plaza, while the ladies are able to wonder around inside. Bring your friends and enjoy our Un-Bridal Show for a relaxing chance to mingle and make all the connections you need for your wedding day.

The Simple Elegance of a Mountain Wedding

When you dream of wild flowers in wide open meadows encircled by mountains, you are dreaming of where I live and work, Salida, Colorado.  Our little slice of heaven is seeing many new faces each year, and returning faces, this makes me happy knowing people want to find beauty and they want to experience it as often as possible. With that being said, it only makes sense to have such a memorable day in your life, your wedding day, in this place with so much beauty to share.

Colorado Outside Wedding
Yellow Feather Photography

Caitlin and Taylor were married at the SteamPlant last summer.  They epitomized, to me, a couple wanting the beautiful things in life but realizing most beauty isn’t found in things.  While the exquisite diamond earrings (below) were dancing in the brides ears all night long her smile and laugh continually filled the room and in that lay her true beauty.

Rustic Elegant Wedding
Yellow Feather Photography
Colorado River Wedding
Yellow Feather Photography
Colorado Mountain Wedding
Yellow Feather Photography

The simple elegance of a mountain wedding holds more power than you realize. Of all the details on your special day: the flowers, jewelry, bridesmaids gifts, linens, etc what really matters the most is that you remember why you are having this party to begin with, to share the love you hold for each other with all the ones you love the most.

Bridal Show Yourself Right into the New Year

Opportunities abound for future brides interested in the SteamPlant as their wedding venue.  You will be able to find us at either of the following Bridal Shows on January 11th…one in Denver:

Rocky Mtn Bridal Show
Sunday January 11th from 11-4pm at the Colorado Convention Center – Mile High Ballroom in Denver.

Or that same day you can find an Event Coordinator in Canon City at The Abbey Event Center:

Royal Gorge Bridal

At either of these locations you can sit down with Beatrice, Shannon or Jillian and discuss the details of your upcoming wedding day.
The SteamPlant will, again, be hosting our own Bridal Open House on Saturday February 28th–details to follow in future blogs–put on by Heart of the Rockies Wedding Association (Wedding Professionals for Salida, Buena Vista, Nathrop and beyond) of which the SteamPlant is a member. Our Bridal Show is an excellent chance for you to see the facility while you meet with various vendors needed for your special day.

And, of course, you may schedule an appointment and have an Event Coordinator all to yourself!  We are happy to meet with you, just give us a call (719.530.0933) and schedule an appointment that works best for you and your fiancé.

Our Latest Wedding at the SteamPlant

Now that there is a slight breather, though the SteamPlant is still busy November is not a huge Wedding month (a little hint…November gets you a discounted rate and if you find a nice, white, fur wrap you will be a stunning fall bride).  I am able to share with everyone our latest wedding couple Karen and Aaron, they are an adorable couple who brought their family and friends to Salida Colorado, and the SteamPlant, to celebrate their union before taking a honeymoon to Kauai, HI (slightly jealous:)


Bridesmaids and Groomsmen waiting patiently for Karen and Aaron on the Plaza of the SteamPlant.

Ceremony 2
Mr. and Mrs. (all smiles) walking down the aisle.

In Front of the Arkansas
Photo opp in front of the Arkansas River while guests are enjoying cocktails on the Plaza for Happy Hour.

Receiving Line
A receiving line on the Plaza as Mr. and Mrs. head into the Ballroom for dinner and dancing.

Your Own Photo Booth
After dinner guests went to Karen & Aaron’s homemade photo booth and left their mark.

Cake Cutting
Feeding each other wedding cake–these two were easy on each other and respectful. There is an old saying, how you feed each other cake, in this special moment, is very telling of how your life together will be. Just one more sign that these two are going to last, they are sure to have a long and loving life together.

Dance Floor 3
A moment alone on the dance floor before everyone comes and joins them.

Wedding Gifts
I wanted to share with you their wedding gifts to guests, homemade preserves, such a sweet idea. Guests love a little trinket to take from your special day and something homemade brings big smiles.

SteamPlant Event Center

SteamPlant Weddings

SteamPlant Event Center

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Heart of the Rockies Wedding Association

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